• Weddings 101

    July 10, 2015
  • Here's an introduction to a typical wedding agenda. The ceremony and reception can vary all together from three hours, to eight hours! The choice of the length of party is all yours. Here is what we usually see at North Jersey Entertainment. We customize every wedding based off your interests, and plan out your wedding with you. We provide a wedding planner that includes this agenda and any suggested songs that you have.

    The Ceremony

    A wedding ceremony can vary from short to long, from simple to elegant. The decision is yours. Should it be in a church, or an outside venue? Do you hire a DJ, orchestra, or a couple musicians? North Jersey Entertainment provides professional sound and equipment for all ceremonies. This includes everything from the walk-in music, to the wedding march, and more.


    The Introduction

    This is our favorite part of the wedding. Your chance to finally walk into a room with family and friends as a newly wedded couple. North Jersey Entertainment takes pride in the enthusiasm we bring for each reception introduction. Walk into the room surrounded by your friends standing, clapping, and in some cases, creating a tunnel of support for you to walk, dance, and shuffle through the room to the dance floor. The introduction usually includes these people (in this order):

    1. Parents of the Bridge
    2. Parents of the Groom
    3. Flower Girl
    4. Ring Barer
    5. Bridesmaid & Groomsman
    6. Maid of Honor/Best Man
    7. Bride & Groom (For the first time ever, Mr. and Mrs. _________________!)

    First Dance
    This is your time to shine. Having the first dance with you new spouse is one of the most memorable parts of our events. With your choice of song, enjoy the first slow dance with your partner. Get ready for many pictures to be taken.

    Sometimes, the Father/Mother gets a chance to join in with their son/daughter as well. Of course, this is always up to you, and is planned beforehand.

    Wedding Party Dance (Very Optional)

    Some weddings have a practiced dance with their wedding party. While this is not mandatory at all, it certainly is a great ice-breaker to an awesome party!


    Before Dinner is served, bless the food and special day for your event. This is usually when the Best Man, Maid of Honor, and close friends make toasts to your special day. It can range from very serious, to happy, and humorous!


    Dinner is served!

    Open Dancing

    Let the party start! Open Dancing is usually an announcement we make, by welcoming the guests to join us on the dance floor. We usually start the party off right with a line-dance. In some Latin occasions, we play some of the best merengue and salsa music to get the party going.

    Bouquet Toss & Garter Removal

    You know when the bride throws the flowers into the crowd of women? That’s what the boquet toss is! We welcome all single ladies to the dance floor for the traditional boquet toss. This is when the bride throws a boquet behind her head. It is known that whoever catches the boquet is likely to get married next! This is a very humorous time of the party. North Jersey Entertainment loves to play “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” for this part of the reception. What a great way to get your guests involved.

    The Garter Removal involves the single men in the room. Here, the groom removes the garter from the bride’s leg (or thigh). Then, it is thrown behind his back to the group of men who compete to catch it. Similar to the boquet toss, it is believed that whoever catches the garter is said to be married next.

    Cake Cutting

    Pretty self explanatory! Couples usually cut the cake together, for the first time. Another great opportunity for pictures.

    Open Dancing

    The dance floor opens up for one more time. This can last from 30 minutes to a couple more hours.

    Last Dance

    The last dance is usually announced, and can be a slower song or uplifting one. Here, the entire reception is usually welcomed to participate, as a conclusion to the cycle of the reception which began with just the groom and bride. North Jersey Entertainment loves to end their weddings with “The Time of My Life”, “Last Dance” by Donna Summer, or any other song that our client chooses.